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MailXstream Print-to-Mail

  • Saves time and money
  • Eliminates in-house printing and stuffing
  • No more stamping
  • No more metering
  • No more inventory management
  • Reduce postage cost
  • Speeds up mail time
  • More flexibility
  • Provides mail history
  • Provides archiving
  • Takes only minutes!

Designed by industry experts to include many key features, MailXstream is print-to-mail outsourcing made simple!

the Online Print-to-Mail Service Demo

MailXstream is the online business service that simplifies print-to-mail outsourcing of critical postal communications. MailXstream quickly and seamlessly replaces in-house printing and mailing processes with the virtual services of our automated, high-speed print-to-mail. Our innovative system requires only a quick setup to enable the print-file upload and associated mailXstream processing for statements, notices, and other vital customer communications.

It's print-to-mail outsourcing made simple!

Start outsourcing your
print-to-mail in record time
with MailXstream!

No lengthy project start-up
or development process.

View a demo of MailXstreamView a demo of the MailXstream upload driver

What Users Are Saying

With MailXstream, we use our report writer to create our invoices and upload them…it takes two minutes instead of 45. Read more

Cross-Platform Compatibility

MailXstream is compatible with most Windows-, Macintosh-, Linux-, or Unix- generated PDF or postscript files. Also, our custom print driver allows any Windows application to directly access MailXstream.